• Hi guys

    I have questions about a ready-made textured 3d model, to be more precise:
    when connecting a model in xml, do I always have to write texurl=" " so that the textures are connected, and if I already have a textured model?
    Let's say I have a 3d model, but the baked textures for this model are distributed in separate jpg files, how to make these textures all connected at the same time ? what should the code look like if in texurl=" " we specify the path to only one picture.

    Thanks in advance, you will really help me *thumbsup*
    Best regards, Nikolai

  • Thus, the scene with the 3d model to which the material (.mtl) will automatically connect will look like this:

    <scene name="model_1" autoload="true">
    <depthmap url="tourmodel.obj" scale="100" hittest="true" />


    where tourmodel.obj and tourmodel.mtl are in the same folder

  • Hi,

    inside the .obj file (just a text file) there is line like this:

    mtllib tourmodel.mtl

    That's refers to the name of the .mtl file (a relative to the .obj file path could be used too here).

    That means the obj and the mtl files not necessarily needs to have the same base filenames.

    Best regards,

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