Makepano converttocube=false Upgrade Required?

  • I'm using krpanotools.exe 1.20.11 Win64
    When running makepano with config converttocube=false I'm getting the message: krpano License Upgrade required!
    Otherwise with
    converttocube=true it process out fine.
    I performed the Upgrade Check and, yes it is valid for both Krpano License and Branding Free.
    I then clicked Resent the License to make sure I was using the correct one, and I was.

    Any Idea what I'm doing wrong?

    And Klaus, when using converttocube=false and then viewing the panorama is this being projected onto cube-faces or is this being projected in another way? Trying to thread a needle here.

  • Hi,

    since version 1.20 there is a multires-rendering support for spherical/cylindrical images (without cube-conversion):
    krpano 1.20

    This allows faster building of the pano images because the cube-conversion can be skipped, avoids the image-quality losses of the cube-conversion and supports partial panos.

    But this new features is limited to 1.20+ licenses, so older licenses need to be either upgraded or not using that feature.

    Best regards,

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