Annotations plugin

  • My first plugin. I already showed a demo before, but now it is officially released.

    More information and download available on gumroad .

    And ofc an online demo

    It was a real adventure, learned a lot and I'm sure I made some mistakes along the road, but ready to learn, improve. If you want to help out, the best way is to use it in one of your projects and send me feedback on the usage, compatibility, ...

    Questions/comments? Post them here or contact me directly.


  • Just a quick note that inform you that the plugin has been updated.
    New features:

    • Added new function showAnnotations() and hideAnnotations() to allow users to integrate showing/hiding the annotations through code
    • Added new functions annotationsAutoplayStart() and annotationsAutoplayStop() to go through the annotations automatically
    • Added optional navigation bar

    Online demo has been updated to showcase the changes.

    We will continue to improve this plugin, thank you to everyone who provided feedback. *thumbup* *thumbup*


  • Another update: the popup panel will now dynamically adjust its position in relation to the screen: first, it will attempt to display on the right side of the annotation. If there is not enough space, the popup will display on the left side. If the space there is too small too, the popup will be displayed on below the annotation.. And if that fails, the popup will be displayed above the annotation.

    This is especially important when screen space is limited, for example on mobile, or in views where the annotation moves to the right/bottom of the screen during the animation.

    We continue to improve this plugin thanks to the user feedback, so please keep the suggestions coming!
    *thumbup* *thumbup*

  • A new release for this neat little plugin:

    • the navigation bar now includes autoplay and show/hide annotations
    • it is now possible to set the width of the annotations. By default it was 220, but in some use cases, this proved to be too small. So now you can set it to the width that fits your project!

    Update is free for existing users - downlad it on Gumroad

  • I had a question on how to go to another panorama using the annotations.

    You can see an example in here: Vredesmolen.
    Annotation (5) has a link in it: “view panorama”:

    To achieve this:

    • Create a new annotation
    • Set the text to the following:

      In clear weather you have a view of the Heuvelland with the Kemmelberg etc. over the polders to the skyline of the coast.[BR][A href="'loadscene(scene_to_load)');"]View Panorama[/A]

    Basically, the [A] and [BR] tags are replaced to HTML and as a result a javascript is executed when the user clicks on the link and krpano loads another scene.

    Hope it helps some other users too...

  • A new version (V1.16) is now available.
    We received feedback where users would like to customize or translate the default texts in the navigation bar, so we made it possible to do so. This version allows tour creators to put in the texts that they seem fit for their customers and users.

    As always, update is free for existing users - downlad it on Gumroad

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