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  • Downloaded all the zip files from Gumroad then set about experimenting. The tours worked perfectly via Safari on my MacBook (away just now with no access to my Windows workstation).
    On uploading to my webserver (Hostinger) I get a Fatal Error - Unauthorized Domain message.
    When I downloaded the files from Gumroad I entered my KrPano registered email address.
    I swapped the tour.js with the krpano.js file from my KrPano installation (and changed the file name to tour.js) thinking the .js file may contain my license info.
    Clicked the button Make XML File and replace the file, but no difference.

    So, I'm stuck - any ideas?
    Are all the virtual gallery files just demos, so only work locally? I noticed that Gallery 06 on Gumroad is $15. If I pay for this will it run on the webserver?

    PS John - your gallery is brilliant! Well done.

  • Hi,

    indeed, the tour.js that is included in the galleries is one that is protected and replacing it with your own is needed if you want to host it publicly. And from experience, replacing it on the directly on the hosting platform is sometimes not working due to caching of the browser.

    maybe I should include the demo version in the future so it's more clear that it needs replacement before uploading externally.

    Looking forward to seeing what galleries you created *thumbsup*

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