Problems loading panoramas from hotspots on multires flat image.

  • Oh dear, I've got severe brain ache today *sad*

    I've set up a local tour. When the HTML page opens it loads a multires panorama. This is basically a large floor plan with 7 hotspots added. Click on a hotspot and it should load a panorama by replacing the plan. I still need to add a SHOW PLAN button to the small nav bar to get back to the first xml file.

    Here's the code below but for some reason when I click on a hotspot it loads a 'random' panorama which is really odd but also I'm unable to move the 360 degree image around. The whole viewer just freezes on that initial view and I honestly can't work out why. I'm guessing it has something to with mixing types of views (Partial multires and full cube 360 X 180.)

    Has anyone successfully created a floor plan using this method that will load panoramas?

    01.xml (Just the first part)

    and here's the code for 06.xml (the spherical panorama that gets loaded)

    Thanks and i look forward to any advice.


  • Made some progress. *smile*

    The panoramas load when clicking on the hotspots but there is no movement if the mouse cursor is placed in the center of the viewer. I found out by accident that there is motion if the cursor is used on the very edges (up to 1/2 inch going inwards).

    You must admit this is pretty weird.

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