Load OBJ from Cache, or watch download progress

  • Hi,

    my app is preloading an OBJ file to the browser cache.
    Krpano reloads this OBJ, Is there a way to force krpano to get file from cache and not downloading it a second time?

    Is there awa to monitor the downloadprogress of OBJ files?
    It seems that "progress.progress" is not working when loading OBJ files, only for pano images, is this right?


  • Hi,

    the general load-caching is done by the browser and works automatically (and can't be explicitly controlled).

    That means as long as the url is the same, the browser should handle the caching.

    About progress - sorry, no there is no progress for the downloading also no one for the parsing and processing (which is done in worker/background-thread) but can also take a time (depending on the 3d-model size and the used subdiv setting - use subdiv=0 for the fastest processing).

    Best regards,

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