My new website and its problems.

  • Before I write anything, I would like to thank a few people who made it possible for me to design my website like this.

    First I would like to mention kme, thanks to his help and the files he made freely available, I was able to start the whole project at all.

    Many thanks to Klaus, who always answers all questions, even though they have already been asked 100 times in frum.

    Thanks also to san7 for the awesome menu plugin he wrote.

    You all helped me a lot, without you I would never have managed to design my website like this.

    But now I have a few problems that I can't get any further.
    Since I don't want to create a new topic for every question, I thought I'd just open one where I could write everything.

    My problem at the moment is that the images of my Image HOtspot are not loaded or only partially loaded,
    There are a total of 61 pictures, all but two are in the KB report, but

    When I call up the page for the first time, some picture frames simply remain black.
    Not always the same, that is very different.
    But if I reload the page just a fraction of a second later, all the images are displayed correctly.

    what can be the reason, or how can I prevent this?

    Here is the link to the page so you can see what I mean...

    I would be happy if you could help me with that!

    Best regards, Woiferl

  • When I started testing, I could simulate the problem on both your website and my local environment.

    But now I can't any more - all loads fine.

    What I did: disabled all my extentions. And I thought I re-enabling the extentions would help, but nope, cannot simulate any more...

    I also tested in other browser than chrome desktop and all works fine there (edge, mobile chrome, safari, ...).

    So must be something chrome + extentions. Do you have addblock on your system?

    Anyway, try:
    - accessing the site in incognito (that disables plugins)
    - try disabling your chrome extentions, restart your browser

    will continue testing a bit to see if I can get it to (not) work again...

  • the pictures are in general quite big
    a 1200x800 px image shouldn't be 400-500kb...
    all in all you load 31mb with this page

    @75% jpg quality studio14.jpg goes down to 80kb from 623kb !

    still... on desktops this should not be the reason for not loading images.

    maybe something in the code.. or just a cache problem.
    be sure to always empty your cache when changing and testing on a live server

  • many thanks for the help.

    I have now done the following, re-exported all images for the web.
    Instead of 27.2 MB, all together are now 7.5 MB.

    I always clear the cache before opening the page again.
    The problem occurs with Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

    Pausing the adblocker on Firefox helps, but unfortunately not always.
    Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

    kme: I'm surprised that it works for you now, it just doesn't work for me. very strange...
    somehow the image hotspots are sometimes not loaded or only partially loaded.
    The black on the wall comes from the texture of the obj file.

  • I downloaded and installed the April 30 release.
    If open the XML file in the krpanoTools in the tour editor, the error is there.

    If I open the xml file in my obviously older release, everything is ok...

    Maybe that's where the error is hiding?
    But to be honest I have absolutely no idea.

    I am a photographer and an enthusiastic 3D modeler, and also a creative person.
    I'm not good at programming as you've probably noticed... *wink*

    Edit: the release doesn't make a difference, sometimes it doesn't work sometimes...

    Edited once, last by Woiferl (May 7, 2023 at 3:30 PM).

  • KME found the bug!
    He wrote me a private message with some tips.

    In the Image Hotspot XML I should use another word instead of <style/>. for example <paintig/ and he rewrote the scrpit right away.

    What can I say, suddenly everything works!
    KME tried to explain to me why that was, but I didn't quite understand it, as I said, I'm still learning.
    It will take a while until I can really program independently.

    Thank you KME! *thumbsup*

  • To those who are interested...

    The script loads images that are in <style ... /> tags with an attribute autohotspot="true".
    It loads them using a loop:

    for(set(i,0), i LT style.count, inc(i),
    			if(style[get(i)].autohotspot == true, ...

    After changing the <style> tags to <painting> tags, and adjusting the script to have load these painting tags instead of style tags, everything was resolved.

    I think (not sure) there was a timing issue where not all <style> tags were loaded when the script started the loop and somehow the script got "confused" when more style tags were added to the krpano environment. But it is a dirty theory that I cannot confirm/explain.

    Anyway, problem solved and Woiferl happy. And me too :)

    This is was the old code:

    This is the new code:

  • jl-krp

    Of course I'm happy to tell you a little bit about the modeling process!

    It all started when I found a post by KME where he made a gallery freely available for photographers.

    I've wanted to do something like this for a very long time, this was my chance! :)
    i have to say that i'm a full-time photographer, i'm quite familiar with 3d modelling, i used to make 3d models for games.
    only for private purposes and "mods" but we had a lot of fun in our worlds!

    I can't really program XML, I can read codes to some extent, I understand what I have to do to implement my projects.
    I always teach myself exactly what I need to know.
    And forget some things very quickly....

    But now to the modeling process, I have inserted 4 pictures from the creation.
    I work with Blender, the program is free and has become incredibly good.

    Since I didn't have enough space for my pictures in the KME model, I built one myself.

    Determining the halfway right size of the foundation walls was not that easy, so I first sketched everything on a piece of paper and thought about which pictures I wanted to take and where they should hang.

    In Blender I then started with the floor, then the walls all around.
    And so one thing led to another, the wooden beams, the ceiling lamps and the picture frames.
    Each picture has its own frame. (Image 1)

    Next I put the light in the scene.
    Each picture frame has its own lighting and the room itself is illuminated again by the ceiling lights.
    In total there are 96 lights I think. (Picture 2)

    During modeling, I also created a UV map for each object in the scene. that is quite important.
    I modeled the wooden beam once, unwrap the UV and then just copied and moved it on the map.
    If you don't want to do that right away, it will be very tedious later on with many objects...

    I then exported the UV map and loaded it into Photoshop and created the textures.
    This finished textured image then went back to Blender and was placed on the model. (picture 3)

    Last but not least comes the "baking", the texture.
    Baking means you have your ready lighted scene and render it.
    The rendered image now has all the information of the light.
    You then place this rendered image on the model.
    This is how it looks in Krpano, as if it were obvious. (picture 4)

    The whole thing is then exported as an OBJ file from Blender.

    And the new gallery is ready!

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