integrating / embedding WordPress and krpano

  • I am currently attempting to add a Krpano feature rich tour. into a number of WordPress websites. There appears to only be one recent WordPress plugin available that integrates Krpano within the WordPress world, and this plugin is now obsolete and unsupported: is called “WP-Pano “. This legacy WordPress plug-in does function correctly on limited testing with current versions of WordPress however the unsupported code has not been modified since around 2015 and lags the current versions of WordPress by 3 major versions.

    Can anyone advise on how Krpano can be interfaced into WordPress? Given the scale of WordPress websites globally, I’d think this functionality must be available somewhere? What is the general approach recommended. I have a large volume of Krpano type images that may be impacted.


  • Thanks that sounds like an ideal solution. I am not an expert but I thought iframes were seen increasingly as security risks, given their association with drop-in adverts and 3rd party content on a page?

    Finally any idea why someone went to the trouble of writing WP-pano, did it offer anything that was better than the humble iframe?



  • I tested also some plugins. But all of them wont fit perfect for me.

    I now tried iframes and it seems it works fine on my wordpress.

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