Several problems with 3D tour

  • I meet with two problems when I make my 3D tour.

    1. why my obj model can correctly shown by krpano which has a different coordinate system. I provide an example and a screenshot of the model and its coordinate system shown by meshlab.

    2. I want to ask if I set correct parameters. My understandings are listed:
    For 3D tour, there are two steps. One for depthmapping, I need to set depthmap.origin(that means where a pano-image will be projected onto the 3d-model) and set view.hlookat/vlookat(that means which direction a pano will be projected to the model). Another step is for scene change, I need to set http://view.tx/ty/tz to move the camera to view the depthmapped model in different locations. As to http://image.ox/oy/oz, according to the testing, I think it is set to move the depthmapped 3d-model to the screen center.

  • Hi,

    I had a look at your model and first thing I noticed is that it is really large, i had to scale it down with factor 100 to see it in blender

    It seems your origin 0,0,0 point is in the right "room".

    I then created a fake texture and imported your model and the texture in krpano:

    <display depthbuffer="true" />
    	<view tx="0" tz="0" ty="-160" oz="2000" hlookat="0" vlookat="40" fov="90" fovtype="MFOV" />
    	<control invert="true"></control>
    		<scene name="model" autoload="true" >
    			<sphere url="texture.jpg" />
    			<depthmap url="model/model.obj" hittest="true" rendermode="3dmodel" scale="1" textured="true" waitforload="true" center="0,0,0" axis="+x+y+z" /> 

    which resulted in:

    Your questions are a bit unclear to me to answer, but I hope that maybe the above will put you on the right track...

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