Photogrammetry - Mahieu Chapel

  • Hi All,

    Another small photogrammetry project to further learn the process.
    275 images taken with Nikon D3 and Mavic 2 Pro.
    Resulted in a 25.7mi triangles mesh, downlscaled to about 150K for web view.

    After the model was processed in Reality Catpure, I had to correct a lot of artifacts in the generated mesh, especially on gutter and the windows.

    gutter issues

    window issus

    Used blender to fill the holes and then re-texture the model in reality capture.

    Also cleaned up the krpano "template" a bit by removing multiple buttons and integrating the functionality into the navigation bar of the annotations plugin.

    Final result:


    Software used:
    - Lightroom
    - Reatity Catpure
    - Blender
    - krpano / annotations plugin / Orbit Control Plugin


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