• Hi
    just trying to play with stereo images. The image is a jpeg file, in SBS format. I cannot view it with display.anaglyph = true. Am i missing something ?

    <krpano logkey="true" showerrors="true" debugmode="true">
    	<scene name="stereopano1" autoload="true" onstart="set(display.anaglyph, true);">
    <!-- startup view -->
         <view hlookat="110" vlookat="10" />
    		<image stereo="true" stereoformat="SBS" >
               <flat url="data/DSCF7631.jpg" />

    See the result here
    Thank you for your help

  • I have a workaround... Work fine when i use two (left and right) flat images. So what is the so particular SBS file format expected ?

    <!--image stereo="true" stereoformat="SBS">
    			<flat url="data/DSCF7631.jpg" /-->
    		<image stereo="true" stereolabels="l|r" >
    			<flat url="data/DSCF7631_%t.jpg" />

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