how to show tooltip above hotspot instead of mouse position?

  • I tried editing the code in the file vtourskin.xml at

    <style name="skin_tooltips"	       onover.addevent.mouse="copy(layer[skin_tooltip].html, tooltip);	                     set(layer[skin_tooltip].visible, calc(webvr.isenabled ? false : true));	                     tween(layer[skin_tooltip].alpha, 1.0, 0.1);	                     asyncloop(hovering, copy(layer[skin_tooltip].x,mouse.stagex); copy(layer[skin_tooltip].y,mouse.stagey); );"	       onout.addevent.mouse="tween(layer[skin_tooltip].alpha, 0.0, 0.1, default, set(layer[skin_tooltip].visible,false), copy(layer[skin_tooltip].x,mouse.stagex); copy(layer[skin_tooltip].y,mouse.stagey); );"	       />

    Replace mouse.stagex code with hotspot[get(name)].ath but it still doesn't work, maybe I'm wrong somewhere, please help me *cry* *cry*

    *thumbup* Woody *thumbup* KEEP MOVING FORWARD *thumbup*

  • I have a requirement where I need to implement a mechanism involving two hotspots, where one hotspot is offset based on the position of the other hotspot,set tx ty tz to control your tooltip position

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