zoomtospotsextent() broken??

  • Recently, zoomtospotsextent() has stopped working on my site with Google Maps. I know it worked a few months ago and for a couple of years before that. I didn't change anything in the code that I can remember, so what might it be?

    The first time zoomtospotsextent() is called it results in the error:

    function oa(){if(h)if(0==H("zoomtospotsextent"))v=C=!1,K=!0;else{v=!1;var a,d,b,f=e.spot.getArray();d=f.length;if(!(1>d))if(1==d)b=f[0].internalObject,na(b.lat,b.lng,t);else{var g=new google.maps.LatLngBounds;for(a=0;a<d;a++)b=f[a].internalObject,g.extend(new google.maps.LatLng(b.lat,b.lng));h.fitBounds(g)}}else v=C=!1,K=!0}

    When called after that I get the warning:

    WARNING: Unknown action: zoomtospotsextent

    Other than for zoomtospotsextent(), the map continues to work fine.

    This was originally programmed using v1.20.9 in 2021. I tried substituting the v 1.21 googlemaps.js. Still didn't work. I didn't get the first error message but I did get the warnings about an unknown action.

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