How to Increase Text Size of Map Labels in Maps2example?

  • Hello everybody,

    I have a question regarding to the Maps2example in the examples section on krpano's official site. I recreated a map display H5 page following the example. However, I noticed that the text size of the place names on the map is extremely small, it is almost the same as in the example. They're so tiny that they're hard to read.

    I am seeking a solution to make the text size of the labels on the map larger. Could anyone provide some advice or resources on how this could be accomplished? Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

    The following is the size of the displayed text in the krpano maps example :

    Here's the font size I want the text labels to appear in the map:

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  • Hi,

    the texts/fonts are backed in the map images/tiles and can't be changed.

    But it's possible to change when to switch from one map resolution level to an other one - and so also change the text sizes (and also the map resolution of course).

    This can be done using the image.multiresthreshold setting, try smaller/negative values for it:

    E.g. look for this line:
    <image maptype="osm" hfov="0.001">
    and change it to:
    <image maptype="osm" hfov="0.001" multiresthreshold="-0.5">

    Best regards,

  • Dear Klaus,

    Thanks for your prompt and detailed response. I truly appreciate your help in solving my issue

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