low-res high-res 3dmodel? lazy loading?

  • hi,
    been doing my way through reality capture and meshmixer to get 3dmodels with good detail and textures and also, small size obj and small size texture and this is a pain to achieve

    is there a way to, for example, load a low-res model while loading a higher res (similar to preview in panos and then loading the tiles)

    would it be possible to make 2 scenes, 1 with lower res obj and another with higher res?

    i guess preload would delay the obj display and that's not the idea

    using some lazy load in javascript for the higher res and "disabling" the start scene (or changing the obj through actionscript in 1st scene) ?


    I'm at 10mb obj and 2mb texture in one model .... so for this one i'd like to make a smaller one so something would appear fast but I'm losing some texture detail and edges (I'm here after some millions of faces and got to 60k faces)

    thank you for your thoughts.

  • I had a simular challenge with aggstein model posted here earlier, and eventually resolved around using this method:

    April 28, 2023 at 9:22 AM
  • Thank you for your reply

    I noticed you made another version with 3dvista

    your obj is 60mb.. i dont expect to go that high .. at least not for a start. you should look at meshmixer. I guess the model could be a lot smaller.

    I do not expect the 3dmodel to be my 1st scene but a floorplan/dollhouse style and my worry are the phones/mobile data throughput

    I like the behaviour of your hotspots hiding and showing behind the walls

    thanks again

  • With what I know now, I would try something like this

    • have 2 scenes:
      • a scene with a low poly model/texture and load that on startup
      • a scene with a high poly model/texture
    • in the onloadcomplete of the first scene, use javascript to load the high res model/textures
    • once these are loaded, load the second scene - as the objects will already be loaded, the cached version will be used an the scene should load instantly

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