Issue with Gyroscope Button in krpano when switching to videopano on mobile devices

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm working on a project that involves a 360 image used as the main menu with various buttons leading to different videopanos. My goal is to provide an immersive and smooth experience on both Android and iPhone devices.

    During the development phase, I've noticed a peculiar behavior with the gyroscope button on mobile devices. When I start the project and I'm in the initial scene (360 photo), the gyroscope button in the bottom menu is present and works correctly. However, when accessing a videopano, this button disappears.

    This issue has left me puzzled, and I'm seeking guidance on how to address this problem. Has anyone experienced something similar or has knowledge of why this might be happening?

    I appreciate any help or suggestions you can offer. Is there any specific setting in krpano that I should adjust to ensure the gyroscope button remains visible even when switching to videopanos?

    Thanks in advance for your collaboration!

  • Yes, I managed to solve it with another forum thread in which they asked something similar, I added: set(view.limitview, range)

    <plugin name="gyro" devices="html5" keep="true" url="%SWFPATH%/plugins/gyro2.js" enabled="false" camroll="false" friction="0.0" touch_mode="full" sensor="1" sensor_mode="1" softstart="0.5" autocalibration="false" desktopsupport="false" onavailable="" onunavailable="" onenable="set(view.limitview, range);" ondisable="" ondenied=""/>

    and it works, but it is not as expected, because if, despite the limitation, you drag with your finger to see the blocked part you can still see it that part and it gets kind of crazy. Do you know what it could be due to? Thank you very much for the help!

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