"Panorama Expired" error even if we have a valid license.

  • Hi klaus.krpano ,

    We are facing "Panorama expired" error. Can you please help in getting rid of this error? We have a valid license that we have purchased yesterday.

    We are using following commands:

    /krpanotools register license_key_here

    ./krpanotools register show (it shows as registered)

    Then I tried to generate files from below commands

    ./krpanotools protect -o=krpano.js

    ./krpanotools protect -o=krpano.swf

    ./krpanotools protect -o=krpano.js -domain=<subdomian>.<domain>.com

    ./krpanotools protect -o=krpano.swf -domain=<subdomian>.<domain>.com

    ./krpanotools protect -o=krpano.js -domain=<subdomian>.<domain>.com-expire=2025-06-30

    ./krpanotools protect -o=krpano.swf -domain=<subdomian>.<domain>.com -expire=2025-06-30



  • Hi,

    this expiration message is only displayed if an expiration date has previously been set manually.

    To remove it, replace the current krpano viewer file of that tour with a new one (that has a new expire date or no expire date).

    Best regards,

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