• Hi all, good morning

    adapting an old tour to vr i came across several difficulties which i have overcome ( i think) and now i got one more

    I'm on oculus do for now so i do not know the behaviour on quest3

    I got a tour with sound. I disabled the control so i got the cross menu. I'm in immersive mode.

    I took off the device. It goes to sleep.

    I put it on. It wakes in immersive mode but.. with no sound.

    I guess this has to do with "you must first interact, etc" but it does not play sound after interact.

    The idea was to emulate some kind of "kiosk mode" in full immersive way but i gess i must turn off vr mode and turn it on again?

    Saw something online like "using javascript heartbeat" and when you notice that "heartbeat is more than X seconds" that would mean that the device was sleeping for some time and woke up.

    I'm ok (i guess) in doing this but i wonder it its the right way.

    I'd be going back to scene 1 after this but the lack of sound.... must i leave vr and go in again? It selects with the "sound buttons" so.. it's now awfull

    Thank you all for your thoughts

  • so..

    i changed the idle timer to a value in seconds

    i dont need the calUrl feature so it was ok to increase it

    i added a function to return to the 1st scene in the onidle event

    I had an issue with the background sound because i'm stopping it on the onidle and waking it on onviewchange and because of the loadscene i do it fires the onviewchange so i made a dealyedcall to stop the background sound after the 1st scene loads

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