Stitching in server panorama?

  • The demand is this: We have an APP that can achieve horizontal shooting and adjust the overlap rate of adjacent photos. For example, with an overlap rate of 40%, a horizontal circle is about 9 photos, which are then uploaded to the server for panoramic stitching. (The top and bottom are black, which is acceptable) When generating a panorama, we will connect it with our panoramic platform. Is this possible? Similar to the server version of ptgui.
    If you can achieve it, please contact me

    If you need a 3D tour, feel free to contact me for panoramic image 3D tour production services and krpano secondary development. *smile*
    In addition, if you have development business in panoramic image platform, you can also contact me. I look forward to exchanging various application scenarios and exploring panorama applications with you.

    Our company is based in Shanghai, China and we have been engaged in panoramic business since 2017.

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