• Hi there,

    I am looking for a way to extend the VR prev/next scene navigation with some more buttons.

    The background is, we have some panoramas with a day/night switch - on desktop this switch is a layer, which works flawlessly.

    It actually worked to add the buttons to the prev/next menu, but the the onclick value doesn't update...
    Does anybody have any idea how to do the action right?

    This is my scene (the other ones look similiar)

    and this in my vtourskin:

        <!-- VR scene switching hotspots -->
        <style name="skin_webvr_menu_style" torigin="view" depth="1000" scale="0.625" distorted="true" ath="0" atv="45" alpha="0.9" />
        <hotspot name="skin_webvr_prev_scene" keep="true" style="skin_base|skin_webvr_menu_style" crop="0|64|64|64"  ox="-88" onover="tween(scale,0.750);" onout="tween(scale,0.625);" vr_timeout="750" onclick="skin_nextscene_loop(-1);" visible="false" devices="webgl" />
        <hotspot name="skin_webvr_switch_scene" keep="true" style="skin_base|skin_webvr_menu_style" scale="1.25"  ox="0" vr_timeout="750" url="%SWFPATH%/skin/switch2night.svg"  onclick="switchscene();" visible="false" devices="html5.and.webgl"    />
        <hotspot name="skin_webvr_next_scene" keep="true" style="skin_base|skin_webvr_menu_style" crop="64|64|64|64" ox="+88" onover="tween(scale,0.750);" onout="tween(scale,0.625);" vr_timeout="750" onclick="skin_nextscene_loop(+1);" visible="false" devices="webgl" />
        <action name="switchscene">
            loadscene(get( scene[get(xml.scene)].loadscene ), null, MERGE|KEEPVIEW, BLEND(1));
            <!-- set(hotspot[skin_webvr_switch_scene].url, "%SWFPATH%/skin/switch2day.svg"); -->

    the problem is, once clicked in VR, the value persists and is not updated anymore when going to other scenes.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you and best regards,


  • hi,

    i did not understand your question about what value persists but i just did this last week

    in your switch scene seems like you're loading the current scene

    your hotspot must be added to a javascript in the vtourskin.xml of the floating menu

    the javascript begins with getting an id for skin_webvr_prev_scene and next scene and then works with them

    just add a 3rd Id for your hotspot and replicate the logic for it

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