Exposure setting in pp_light.js

  • The exposure works as a typical exposure setting in linear color space...
    That means it can't be used for gamma-correction.

    About gamma issues in WebXR - krpano renders the images are they are.

    Or do you refer to Apple Vision?
    The Apple Vision Simulator has a wrong gamma-display, that's a known Apple-side bug.

    But I don't know if that's only in the Simulator or also in real Apple Vision devices?

    Anyway that's a bug that needs to be fixed by Apple itself (and very probably will).

    All WebXR contact is affected by this - and trying to adjust the image or even adding real-time postprocessing shouldn't be the solution here, better add another report to Apple (the more the better).

  • Yes, I was looking into it because of the gamma problem with the Vision Pro. It also happens in the actual device.

    Is it possible to share the link for the simulator you are using? This sounds like something that would help speed along development as everyone works remotely and cant see what content looks like in the headset.

    I picked up indexofrefraction's zFilter plugin and am going to test the gamma slider in their plugin as a potential short-term fix. From what I have read, Apple is aware of the problem. Hopefully, it will get fixed soon.

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