geotagged images and Vt street view style with osm

  • Hi all,

    I would like to take 360° street images of my village geotagged at 10 mt. I would like to make a Vt in "street view style" using OSM.

    I would need the following:

    - divide the set of images in subsets corresponding to the streets they belong to, with the name of the street

    - find the crossing points of two or more streets with the names of the crossing streets.

    Any suggestions on how to proceed would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.



  • Thank you.

    I will search.

    Just to explain better:

    I have geotagged 360° pictures taken, let's say, in street A and in street B. they are not in order. I would need to make a VT of street A and a Vt of street B.

    First, I would need to group all the geotagged images of street A and all the geotagged images of street B and then to have the geotagged images of street A (and of street B) in order from the starting point to the ending point of the street, it does not matter which one is the starting or the ending point

    I would also need the crossing point of the two streets (if any) in order to link the two Vts.

    I can do the above manually but (considering to have many streets) I would need to do that "automatically".

    Any hints?

    Thank you.



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