Key for zoom in / zoom out

  • Hello,

    i want to assignate key + for zoom-in progressively in the scene and the key - for zoom-out progressively. I have done some test but not succeed..

    i have done that :

    <events devices="desktop" onkeydown="keydown();" onkeyup="keyup();" />

    <action name="keydown">
    if(keycode == 107, zoomin());

    if(keycode == 109, zoomout());

    <action name="zoomin">

    <action name="zoomout">

    <action name="keyup">
    if(keycode == 107, zoomin2());

    if(keycode == 109, zoomout2());

    <action name="zoomin2">

    <action name="zoomout2">

    I thought i could use the function i found in the vtourskin for zooming :

    ondown="set(fov_moveforce,-1);" onup="set(fov_moveforce,0);" />

    ondown="set(fov_moveforce,+1);" onup="set(fov_moveforce,0);" />

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