ios - edge reporting as safari

  • Hi

    some people on ios-edge has been reporting that the swipe up helper does not leave the screen when swiped up so I was trying to remove it

    should be pretty simple like !(edge or newedge) kind of thing in the helper so I'd leave it there for chrome, safari, firefox but it didn't solve

    added some debug and saw the edge and new edge are both false and safari is true

    apparently ios-edge does not swipe up for fullscreen either

  • I'm giving up on ios-edge

    I don't have iOS so I got to friends to test it :)

    they say it works ok on every other browser but they cant even move the 360 photo around.. its like the touch/drag event does not go into krpano

    the saddest thing is that since it cannot be detected I cannot say "please, use another browser"

    the good thing is that edge on iOS is a minority.. except when the people you're doing the tour to.. uses it .

    I found this from 2021... don't know if it's related... apparently there is a user-agent overlap

    Microsoft Edge for iOS is detected as Mobile Safari · Issue #25420 · getsentry/sentry
    Micosoft Edge for iOS has user agent like: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 14_4 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/14.0…
  • Hi,

    first: ALL browsers on iOS are basically Safari (or more accurate - using the same Browser Engine as Safari).

    That's an Apple restriction, but there are recent news here: iOS 17.4 is now the first version where Apple was forced by the EU to theoretically also allow other Browser engines (but only in the EU).

    That means all Browsers on iOS are currently basically the same, except for their UI. And the 'fake fullscreen mode by scrolling-out the UI depends on and if the browser UI provides such possibility.

    I'm testing and adopting the iOS landscape fullscreen mode from time to time to the latest iOS browser updates (I think at the moment there are internally 5 different modes for various browsers and different iOS versions). But the problem is the Browser User interfaces and there behavior are constantly UI changing. In one version it is possible to scroll-out the url-bar and in another one not...

    The last time iOS Edge was working, but I see now in the current version, they don't allow to scroll-away the url-bar anymore - there is always a small fixed bar left on the top. And that prevents the landscape fullscreen mode. Can be good seen in examples that use the iphone_fullscreen_swipe.xml. I don't know if it will be possible to use a fullscreen mode with that iOS Edge version somehow again, but so far it seem that will be not possible anymore.

    If you want could optionally disable that special iOS landscape fullscreen mode for Edge iOS by adding this code:

    <display iphonefullscreen="-1" if="indexof(browser.useragent,'EdgiOS/') GT 0" />

    See: display.iphonefullscreen

    Then the pano controlling should work without problems, but also without fullscreen mode...

    Best regards,

  • Hi Klaus, good night.

    I thank you for your prompt support, explanation and solution.

    I was commenting with a friend the other day how wonderful is to always have a choice, a parameter. Thank you again.

    I ended up with

    <display iphonefullscreen="-1" devices="" />

    to let the iphone_fullscreen_swipe (whis is present at the bottom ov vtourskin)
    and removing the fullscreen button from iOS devices because fullscreen on safari went nuts and did not work on chrome so people can view it but with the bar on top.

    Again, thank the prompt help.

    All the best and hope you never retire :)

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