Compression Techniques and Recommended Image Size for Krpano

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm currently in the process of creating a document detailing how Krpano works, particularly focusing on the image compression techniques used when converting images into tiles for the Krpano HTML viewer. I have conducted several tests with different image samples to understand the compression rate, but I haven't been able to identify a consistent trend.

    Here are the results of my tests:

    Sample 1:

    • Original size: 4.59MB
    • Compressed size: 2.92MB
    • Compression rate: ~36.34%

    Sample 2:

    • Original size: 13.7MB
    • Compressed size: 6.35MB
    • Compression rate: ~53.72%

    Sample 3:

    • Original size: 13.6MB
    • Compressed size: 8.41MB
    • Compression rate: ~38.16%

    Sample 4:

    • Original size: 15.7MB
    • Compressed size: 9.59MB
    • Compression rate: ~39%

    Sample 5:

    • Original size: 23.4MB
    • Compressed size: 22.3MB
    • Compression rate: ~4.87%

    Sample 6:

    • Original size: 12.3MB
    • Compressed size: 12.1MB
    • Compression rate: ~1.62%

    Note: All images samples tested are .jpg

    In addition to understanding the compression techniques, I'm also interested in knowing the recommended image size that will achieve satisfactory webpage performance with Krpano. Any insights or information about this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for any assistance or guidance you can provide.

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