Why is it so difficult to preview?

  • As a krpano/PtP user, I have bought a licence for Everpano since the beginning, around 2019. But I still haven't really used this since it looked like a lot of work to manually create depth maps for multiple panos.

    Today, I started experimenting with the latest version of the application to turn a normal vtour to 3D. But I got stuck the moment I wanted to view a first simple pano and the documentation turned out to be inaccurate. The important preview option in the tutorial video is missing from the current version of Everpano. Its position in the menu is now taken by the Upload project to S3 function.

    I have my own server space at various third-party providers as well as on local hardware and thus no need for required paid storage at Amazon, but since I did not have a choice here, I had to manually set up an AWS account and figure out how to allow write access for a bucket created by Everpano, just to upload my project files. Everpano's documentation forgets to mention that you need to disable Block Public Access for the bucket in question before uploading to S3 is possible at all. After half an hour of searching, I finally managed to upload the project, after which a notification appeared with the options Copy URL / Open Project. Opening the project resulted in a dissappointing 'Access Denied' error message and the explanation: 'This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it.'

    Using the copied URL in the browser produced the same error message. And a 'preview' button, which I had hoped would disappear, was still nowhere to be found. Everpano's documentation provides no guidance, since it stems from an earlier version when the need for AWS S3 and buckets etcetera was not even necessary.

    This project will now probably go back on ice for me for a while. I hope that in the near future, it dawns on the developers that usability and good documentation are indispensable components of a successful application.


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