How to block mouse scrolling

  • How to block mouse scrolling on mobile devices?
    I searched the Internet and the problem occurs everywhere. You can't scroll the page if you touch the panorama with your finger.
    This problem also occurs on PC. Can this help them add a function so that using the panorama is only possible after turning it off/clicking on the logo?

    My project:

    I already have such a code. Maybe a function can be added to it? I'm not a programmer and I appreciate any help.

    <layer name="skin_logo" url="skin/logo.png" keep="true" scale="0.1"
        x="10" y="10" />
        <layer name="intro"
                onclick="on_intro_click()" >
            <layer name="intro_logo"
                url="skin/logo_tlo.png" align="center" scale="0.5" />
        <action name="on_intro_click">
            tween(layer[intro].alpha, 0);
            set(layer[intro].enabled, false);
        <action name="on_intro_loaded">
            tween(layer[intro_logo].alpha, 1);

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