Sound does not stop on 'Sound off' command, but starts again on 'Start'

  • Working on a new tour with PtP (2.5.14) and krpano (1.20.11), I notice that the Sound Off command only softens the background sound, but does not turn it off. If I then click Sound on, playback of the background sound starts again, which then results in two instances of the same song playing intermingled in the background. How can I prevent this from happening?

    Note: I realize that PtP is a program of the past, but I still like it since it is very user-friendly for creating virtual tours. Now that Adobe has ditched Flash and PtP users can no longer use the SWF directional sound plugin, I wish the krpano sound interface plugin with directional sound could be made suitable for PtP as well. Tips on how to get this working are welcome!

  • I found the solution already. Maurizio Ciochetti of (…C16-DL4fSgovRYA) has published an edited version of the core.tmpl file even back in 2020. However, his instructions contain an error. Don't put the core.tmpl file in 'your documents Folder > Kolor > Panotour 2> templates> krpano' since there is no such folder. It should be placed in the Program Files Directory, for Windows this means c:\Program Files\Kolor\Panotour 2\templates\krpano.

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