Guide to hosting Krpano Projects?

  • Hi, please could you clarify this for me?

    1) What technical characteristics should a Hosting Server have to host krpano virtual tour projects?

    2) Could it be a shared server? What features (ram, cpu, bandwidth, etc.)?

    Note: It would be for multires or gigapixel virtual visits:

    - 20 to 60 scenes 6000x3000 px for projects

    - Popups in each scene (until 3 MB total for images)

    - Site with average 50 krpano projects

    - Gigapixels projects 50 MB (panos folder)

    - 10,000 visitors per month

    Thanks for your help *smile*

  • You can take any lousy hosting you find - every modern standard shared webspace package is enough.

    As the krpano magic happens on the viewers computer and not on the server there are no special performance requirements.

    Of course you would want a good connection speed / bandwith for loadingtimes and data transfer.

  • you need a hosting that works well for your typical clients (good connection speed / bandwith)

    also you need some storage, krpano projects are big and use a lot of files. ask if there are file count limitations.

    i'd have an apache server supporting php and maybe mysql.

    here the costs around usd $20/mth.

    500gb, 50 domains, unlimited emails and subdomains, ssh/ftp, 100% ssd, free ssl-certificate, apache, php, mysql etc

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