What kind of images do I need to click for a vtour like Gravina Apartment Tour ?

  • Hello,

    I have an assignment to make a virtual tour of a 3 bed room flat. I want guidance on how do I click images and drop them to make vtour tool ?

    Please point me to sample images so that I can ask my photographer to do it same way.

    I am more interested in images by high res DLSR camera than a 3D camera.

    Please guide me best practices


  • Hi, I suggest you look for a photographer who takes equirectangular panoramic photos. It is a specialized technology and requires accessories in addition to the camera and tripod. Then to take the virtual tour you must acquire the software license (in this case krpano). Once you have the equirectangular photos and the software, it will be very easy to create the virtual tour using a utility (krpanotools) that is in the krpano package.*smile-modern*

  • You'll want to take high-resolution pictures of every room from a variety of perspectives, including broad photos and close-ups of important details like the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom, in order to produce a virtual tour similar to the Gravina Apartment Tour. Remember to draw attention to any special or noteworthy characteristics to provide viewers with a complete impression of the area.GB Whatsapp

  • a photographer who takes equirectangular panoramic photos - Is there any video tutorial for the photographer whom I can show what he needs to do ? What are the accessories used ?

    1. First I need to guide the photographers how to do

    2. Then my work will start on krpano tools

    So I have the photographer but i need to guide him like, see a video and buy this stuff etc. Like isn't pics of Gravina apartment available to show to a photographer to make him understand what he needs to click ?

    Kindly help me getting him on board.


  • Your question is kinda like 'I need somebody to drive my bus'. I have a guy who know how to ride a bike. Please tell me what I have to tell him that he can drive my bus.

    Panorama photography is a bit more complex than normal photography. For good quality results most people need some years of practice an experience.

    Everything you need to know is available online at hundreds of sources. Just Google and you will find more than you can read.

    Just don't expect your photographer to "just click" the pictures needed. Get somebody who has experience and equipment or you will probably not deliver very good quality to your client.

    By the way: It's not just 'clicking' the pictures. The main task is combining the to an equirectangular picture what needs special software and again a lot of skills and experience. This is nothing krpano does. You have to handle all this before you eben start to work with krpano.

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