USE RealityCapture+Blender+PCA2.0.1 Creating 3D virtual tours for aerial or outdoor ground navigation

  • Using aerial photographs, a model of the factory area is generated with RealityCapture, followed by the integration of panoramic images with the model utilizing Blender in conjunction with PCA 2.0.1. This process enables the creation of 3D walkthroughs for either aerial or outdoor ground-level exploration.


    If you need a 3D tour, feel free to contact me for panoramic image 3D tour production services and krpano secondary development. *smile*
    In addition, if you have development business in panoramic image platform, you can also contact me. I look forward to exchanging various application scenarios and exploring panorama applications with you.

    Our company is based in Shanghai, China and we have been engaged in panoramic business since 2017.

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