Using tabindex within hotspots in last krpano version

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to use the provided tabindex functionality in a hotspot in last krpano version (1.21.2), but I don' get any idea how to make it work, pressing <<tab>> just doesn't focus neither receives ENTER key, it's just plainly ignored.

    My tour.xml states something as this.

    <scene tabindex="1" name="scene0" title="." onstart="" thumburl="thumb.jpg" lat="" lng="" alt="" heading="">

        <view hlookat="-0.25" vlookat="0.087"  fov="0.57"  fovmin="70" fovmax="140" limitview="auto" />

        <preview url="preview.jpg" />

        <image hfov="1.00" vfov="0.662338" voffset="0.00">
             <flat url="tiles/l%l/%0v/l%l_%0v_%0h.jpg" multires="512,1280x848,2560x1696,4864x3222" />

        <hotspot name="spot1" tabIndex="1" style="skin_hotspotstyle" ath="-0.297" atv="0.180" distorted="false" zoom="false" linkedscene="scene1" linkedscene_hoffset="0.0" use3dtransition="false" height="80" width="80"/>


    What am I doing wrong? Do I have to init krpano in any special way?

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