tooltip I want to know how to always make it visible.

  • Hello?
    I'm using tooltips in the file I'm working on and I have a question.
    Currently, tooltip appears with the mouse, but how do I make sure that tooltip always appears regardless of the mouse?

  • To do this, add an additional hotspot/layer to all hotspots with a hint text that will always be visible



    I tried it with a layer, but I don't know.
    I'm not a developer, so it's very difficult.
    You gave me a hint that it was a layer, so I searched it and tried it, but it's a mess.
    The code I made is a mess, but could you please take a look and review it?

    The tooltip doesn't follow the garrows hotspot, it's fixed on the screen. And it only appears when the tooltip over-mouse. I want to make sure the tooltip is always visible when the VR is loaded.

    Please understand that I am not good at English.
    I used a translator.


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