KRpano and a dedicated Chat GPT?

  • Coming from Panotour Pro (discontinued), I was always dreaming about having a similar GUI built in Krpano. I know that Klaus is working in something like that. In the meantime, It's just too complicated for me to work with the code. There aren't any tutorial around and once you need custom solutions it becomes really difficult. I was trying Chat GPT 4o an Gemini 1.5 and the provide some insights, but still they are pretty complicated. I believe that a custom GPT trained specifically for Krpano would be of great help for the community, broadening the base of customers as well.

    Things I would love to do in krpano:

    Get custom animated hotspots with tooltip customization, google fonts, custom boxes, color, etc. And the ability to be grouped and show or hide depending on other triggers, or get htem showcased just in the middle of the viewport (I know there are paid plugin that do something similar, but customization is up to a certain level)

    Having something like the plugin Easy HTML, that shows text, images, galleries, and video, but having the possibility to customize everything.

    Creating a custom Menu! like the ones you can do with superbutton plugin (PTP) or sidebar but that really allows for custom graphics. Superbutton it's great but unfortunately has a lot of bugs an it's usable at a very basic level for complex menus, and you need to use it in PTP which I'm not sure how long it will survive.

    In general, I love all of the panotourplugins, it would be awsome to have the possibility to creat our owns for krpano..



  • Hi, creating plugins is very good possible with krpano.

    it would be awsome to have the possibility to creat our owns for krpano.. - Documentation - Plugin Interface


  • Theoretically, could just take the code of the plugins from panotour and transfer them to krpano plugins

    Mmmh, I don't know if it's that is legal or ethical in the first place. But besides that, part of that code is always encrypted (which I think is fair if they are selling you the effort they put to build that solution). Again, my point is if you see possible to have AI assist people to build better virtual tours. Ther are dedicated gtps for coding, writing, advertising, etc. Why not a krpano gpt?

  • The idea is very good. I have even tried the normal (non-krpano) chatgpt and the answers it gives are very good from the point of view that the chatgpt understands the question perfectly, it's a shame that instead of answering "I don't know", it always says something even if it doesn't work. Therefore a true AI for krpano would be very convenient.. *smile*

  • Hi,

    We are not that far from that, for example here if you did it well:


    What should I do so that in krpano a layer is maintained in all scenes?


    To ensure that a layer remains consistent and maintains its properties across all scenes in krpano, you can define the layer in the root level of your XML file and use the keep="true" attribute. This attribute ensures that the layer remains persistent throughout scene changes. Here's how you can do it:<krpano>
    <!-- Define the layer outside of any scene -->
    <layer name="myLayer" keep="true" ...>
    <!-- Add content for the layer here -->

    <!-- Define your scenes -->
    <scene name="scene1" ...>
    <!-- Add scene content here -->

    <scene name="scene2" ...>
    <!-- Add scene content here -->
    </krpano>By setting keep="true", the layer will maintain its state across scene changes, ensuring it remains visible and retains its properties throughout the virtual tour. Adjust the properties and content within the <layer> element according to your requirements.

  • well, i'm probably old school .-)

    but trying it, chatGPT created valid xml code for a popup layer with close button

    even asking for an introduction for beginners gives quite good results!

    so, why waste time studying the examples and excellent! manual ;)

    no honestly, i asked it some stuff, and it is surprisingly good.

    problem is you first need to understand krpanos concepts to ask the right questions :)

    ok at some point it starts to live in a fantasy world *rolleyes*

  • btw using language models for coding if you can't really code yourself will only get you that far

    i can really recommend to check out the examples and manual.

    what is maybe missing is a beginners section which explains the core principles.

    (what u can do with krpano, how the xml loading/parsing works, how scenes work,

    the keep attribute, styles, actions, how to find things in the manual, etc etc)

    asking chatGPT "please write a beginners manual about krpano" gives a good start.

    is it allowed to rip that btw? (they obviously take all infos without asking themselves as well) :P

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