Please find the ) "bracket" sign in my code.

  • Hello?
    I'm editing vtourskin.xml now.
    It works fine on your PC, but you'll see )" brackets" on the mobile web.
    I can't find it no matter how many times I try to find it on vscode.
    I can't find it even if I look at it dozens of times.
    What on earth is wrong with the code?
    How do capable developers find it at times like this?
    Please find the ) "bracket" sign in my code. I think my eyeballs are going to fall out. *sad*

  • Hi,

    that might be also a cropped image... (part of a circle icon)

    Post a link to the actual tour.
    Using the browsers developers tools it should be easy to find.

    Best regards,

    Galaxy Fold 3 ▲

    Another smartphone ▲

    It was an image of a gyro button.

    The x-axis position of the gyro button and the full screen button cannot be adjusted.

    <layer name="skin_btn_gyro" style="skin_base|skin_glow" crop="0|384|64|64"  align="left" x="50" y="0"  scale="0.5" onclick="switch(plugin[skin_gyro].enabled); if(plugin[skin_gyro].enabled, skin_showmap(false);" visible="false" />
    <layer name="skin_btn_fs" style="skin_base|skin_glow" crop="0|576|64|64" align="left" x="0" y="0" scale="0.5" onclick="switch(fullscreen);" devices="fullscreensupport" />
    ♬성당복어 360VR
    리얼파노에서 제공하는 고품질 360도 가상투어입니다. 클릭하셔서 360VR을 몰입감 있게 체험해보세요.

    Even if you modify the values written, the buttons cannot be moved to the desired location.
    It's so hard.

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