Hotspot 'keep, false' don't work for dynamically code

  • Probably, starting from the version, this code set(hotspot[%1].keep,false); for dynamically loading does not work... in some cases, hotspots are copied completely, in others only the active area is copy to a new scene (artifacts)...

    krpano 1.21 (build 2023-03-30) - work

    krpano 1.21 (build 2023-04-30) and above - broken for this function

  • Please post a link to your example.

    That would be very very strange!
    I'm assume that must be also something else involved...

    Hi, I can only send the link in a private message, but I haven't found how to do it. Public link is not advisable for this commercial project. Thnx...

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