Autorotate stops (and gets confused) when krpano is wider than 1300 pixels

  • We've just discovered some odd behaviour with the autorotate feature of the player. It seems that once the player is wider than 1300 pixels, it stops being able to properly autorotate. The rotation stops, and it just "jitters" as it goes between the stillquality and movequality (visually just seems to defocus/blur momentarily as it goes to movequality thiking it's going to rotate, then just flashes back to stillquality without moving).

    Anyone else encountered this problem, or have any ideas? I can post up an example if necessary.

  • Hm, looks like it's only a problem <1.0.8. As soon as I switched to using 1.0.8b9 it works fine.

    I can try to set up a demo, but it's fairly simple code. I'm just using:

    <autorotate enabled="false"            accel="5"            speed="-2"            horizon="12"            tofov="130"            />

    on a regular panorama. When the browser window is <1300px it works fine, and as soon as it's larger than that it stops rotating and just flips back and forth between qualities.

    Are there any major reasons we should avoid using the beta version in a production environment?

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