Multiresolution with language localization and advanced auto-tour

  • Do you know where I could find information in how to use krpano?
    To be your first pano is awesome.
    I do panoramas and stitch them with PTGUI and do flash views with panovr. I would like to be more knowledgeable about KRPANO.

  • I like the auto tour but didn't see the ability to get back to the first pano from the second. I also would have liked to go to the second pano without waiting for it to switch. Otherwise, very cool and great for a first. I would like to do a auto tour but have not attempted it yet.

    As for learning Krpano, this forum has TONS of info and you should look at the documentation (which is current for release 1.0.7) and also in the viewer download package (which is freely available for testing) there are examples of many of the features. Study the xml and it will all click eventually. I have to look up everything when I try to write code but if you plan to have the same format, it is quite easy once you have a template done.

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