How to deactivate a customized cursor?

  • Hi,

    In my actual panotour i have mixed some flatpanos with some spherical panos.
    I'm using a customized cursor in drag2d mode to show the flatpanos. When i go back to a spherical pano i would like to use the normal movetocursor (Vector).
    How can i unset the customized cursor?


  • Thank you, but that's unfortunately not what i've asked for.

    I want to change the cursor (from a graphical cursor to the 'not graphical' movetocursor) and not the behaviour of the cursor.

    The problem is:
    I have set a customized png for my desired cursor, but i'm not able to unset this png. Changing the mousetype to 'moveto' is quite easy, but the png of my customized cursor is always visible after switching to a spherical pano...

  • Thank you again, but that's not... (you know what i want to say... *wink* )

    Again: the movetocursor is not a cursor with a png (as i wrote already in my last posting), because it`s not a customized cursor.

    For that reason you can't set a different url to the movetocursor, ok?

    I would just like to switch back to a standard cursor.

    I hope it's clear now... *wink*

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  • Oh man... works...

    This was my very first idea, but i was absolutely sure to receive an error message, and because of that i didn't try it...

    *cry* *cry* *cry*

    Thank you!


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