How can I use these tools in command line?

  • hello,every master!

    please tell me how can I use tools in command line and make the tool to generate pano auto(auto means not ask me questions like "Is it a partial panorama?")

    for example:

    "MAKE PANO (NORMAL) droplet" c:\aa\bb.JPG

    and than it auto generate the pano html for me!

    Thank you!! *smile*

  • Hi,

    you can either edit the corresponding .config file (e.g. the templates/normal.config),
    see the kmakemultires.config for the documentation of each setting,

    or set the same parameters as in the .config file direct in the command line,
    (in this format: "-var=value")

    e.g. call

    kmakemultires templates/normal.config -panotype=sphere -hfov=360 sphere.jpg

    best regards,

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