Creating and locking plugins to pano coordinates

  • Hi Klaus,

    I know that you are working on implementing support for plugins/ images/video to be locked to pano coordinates (# ath, # atv) in a future version of krpano.

    However, since we are in need of this functionality now (example: to show television/monitor footage on top of the screen of a monitor/television screen seen in the panorama) we are looking at writing such a plugin ourselves (more likely outsourcing it to a company specialized in Flash programming).

    Looking at the documentation for plugins - - it seems that there is currently no support for locking the position of a plugin to pano coordinates (ath, atv) rather than the x and y coordinates of the screen, is this correct?

    And if so, is there another way around this?

    Ideally, it should be something like this :
    <plugin name="video" url="video1.swf" ath="0" atv="15">


  • Duh! How can I be so stupid??

    The hotspot function alread allows the placement of a flash movie file at ath, atv coordinates. Thus using "a fake hotspot" you can place a video clip anywhere *smile*

    The various other commands such as onover, onout, onloaded etc can just be omitted.

    <hotspot name="videotest1"
    ath="15" atv="0"


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