can anybody help me with sound plugin?

  • Sorry, but I can't do it alone
    I don't know how to add sound on my panos, can anybody explain me where I have to instal the plugin?
    my best regards

  • Hi,

    Just copy the soundinterface.swf into your panofolder and add a code like this in your xml:

    <plugin name="musik"
    	<action name="musik">
    	playsound(auto, musik.mp3, 0);

    Here's some more information: sound interface plugin (beta)

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  • yes I have made a plugins folder with the soundinterface.swf file inside and is also in the rootpath line, so I'dont know how to do now...
    Thanks for your attention!
    Best regards

    do you have a plugins folder? if soundinterface.swf is not inside a plugins folder either make one and put it in there or delete the rootpath line. it my first assumption.

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