iphone pano gallery

  • Looks great! Same basic format I have but a LOT nicer than mine. How do you plan on having it automatically generated? Would be nice to have that done without effort.

    BTW, I love the clean look of your entire site.

  • thx jarredja!

    I'm planning on having a specific folder structure for each project and a php script that generates an xml file at run time that reads each folder as a pano. For each folder/pano the xml path will grab say (pano1/pano.tiles/mobile_f.jpg) as the thumbnail for the flash gallery as well as the mobile gallery.

    The script will also grab the folder name to use as the title of the pano too. Will take me a while to get it all setup but I think it will be a great 'out of the box' gallery. Plus the css and html can be customized for the mobile versions depending on the project. To go all out I may even have the flash gallery have an external logo that can be exchanged depending on the project/client.


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