Sound interface BUG or feature ;)

  • Hi guys

    I am experiencing strange behaviour of MUTE on sound interface. After setting interface to mute I still can hear "sometimes" some noise.
    Instead of click sound that it would be heard if not muted it is like partial beginning sequence played. Even I have proved that plugin has following state all the time I still can hear some:
    INFO: plugin[soundinterface].mute : true
    INFO: plugin[soundinterface].volume: 0

    Tried Seting Volume to 0 together with Mute to true, tried older plugin versions, have set keep to true for plugin it self.
    What's the catch?
    Anyone else have similar experience?


    To be more detailed: It happens only when switching panos. Other sounds are muted correctly.
    Now I need to check if sound is muted and than not to play MP3. *confused*

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