loadpano: zoom to hotspot

  • So, my goto action for hotspots looks at the hotspot that was clicked and then zooms and blends into the target panorama. When I have a hotspot near the edge of a partial panorama that doesn't go all the way around horizontally, and I click it, krpano looks as much as possible towards the hotspot (which is correct). It stops looking before the hotspot is centered on the viewer because the panorama ends there. However, the zoom part of loadpano fails, because it always zooms straight towards the center. Since the panorama cannot center itself on the hotspot, loadpano is zooming in a completely unrelated direction. Wouldn't it be possible to make zoomblend, when invoked from a hotspot, keep "trying" to zoom towards the hotspot in each step of the zoom animation? Or alternatively make this a new type of transition, like HOMINGZOOMBLEND.

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