Fundamental question

  • Since I can't get the Maketiles exe to work, I use the mucg more friendly Multires. But a very fundamental (or maybe stupid) question:

    What exactly is happening ? I can tell that it is making tiles. But what is the idea ? Is there different resolution of tiles so that they progressively download as the user watches ? Is this a design to get fast viewing happening online while the higher resolution tiles load in the background ?

    There is a lot of information for this tool, but nowhere do I see it stated what this does in simple terms.

    Can someone please explain ?


  • There are no stupid questions *smile* Besides, it's good to ask things like this so you can get the most out of the software.

    With that said, I can't tell you with a 100% guarantee on EVERYTHING that the multires tool does... but I can comment on what I think it does based upon looking at the samples and output.

    First though - if you've downloaded the 1.0.7 package (the last stable full release) then there is a great example to look at... look under the folders... krpano-1.0.7 --> examples --> multirescube and open up the multirescube.html file there. The tiled images are marked so that you can actually see what image tiles have been loaded for viewing.

    My basic understanding is that the tool takes your large detailed image and does the following (in what order I do not know)...
    - slices original into smaller tiles... which the viewer loads as needed based upon where you are looking
    - resamples image (i.e. drops quality / detail / size)
    - slices the "new" image into not quite as small tiles
    - resamples image (another drop in quality / detail / size)
    - slices this image into a bit larger tiles than before
    -repeats this process based upon original image size

    Now, when you are looking at a pano zoomed out... the viewer only loads the lowest quality (smallest file size) tiles... which is fine because your are zoomed out and you don't need the detail of the original image..

    ... as you zoom in, it loads the tiles of higher quality (larger file size) that are needed for the current view.

    This process / capability is what allows you to use "gigapixel" panos.

    Hope that helps.

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