• Hi,

    when i make a fullscreen button that flips automaticaly, when the screen changes or is being changed by another action, i use this code:

    Now i want that for the gallery button aswell, so that is being traced if the gallery is visible and when not then change/flip the button...
    So how to do that... re-write this..???

    Thanx a lot!!

    Tuur *thumbsup*

  • maybe another sollution..

    is it possible to make a flash symbol (button) visible false from your xml code??
    *confused* *confused*


    Tuur *thumbsup*

  • Does the button have krpano interface? If it does, you can add any function to the xml.

    When registering:

    plugin.makeinvisible = makeInvisible;

    And then:

    function makeInvisible() { visible = false; }

    And finally in the xml

    <event somethingsomething="plugin[myplugin].makeinvisible();" />


    I don't know if you can access the property directly or not, and judging by how long you've been around I doubt the solution is as simple as the one I came up with, since you probably know more than I do, but if so please clarify the question ^^

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