setting the dimensions of the flash player

  • hi everybody !

    my client wants to publish some of tours whitout the use of html nor javascript he wants to use the flash directly however he has a size problem (the flash is small er then he wants),when i try to use the kprotect i can only choose the dimension when i am creating stand alones.
    my question is how can i ajust the flash dimensions for the flash file that will be used on the internet ????
    any help will be really appreciated
    thanks *thumbsup*

  • A look at the page code would probably help too. Is this a flash page or is it in fact a html page they are trying to embed the swf into? To me, it looks like they are embedding into html and have either not used 100% to fill the div created for the viewer or the div size is incorrect for the page.

    However, with more information maybe someone here can help solve this issue.

  • I'll just summarize all the possibilities here:

    1) You're using the area tag incorrectly, restricting the viewer area from your XML

    2) It's the container's fault:

    * HTML page: Check the CSS and containing elements like Jarredja suggested; try using Firebug (a Firefox addon) or Google Chrome to inspect the tree and find out which element is constraining the size of the viewer window.

    * Flash page: You must be loading the viewer using something like a Loader then. I don't know what quirks would need to be ironed out, but the problem would still be in the parent swf.

    I had requested a full screen screenshot so I could tell whether you were using a browser and the size of the window when compared to the desktop. Assuming you're in a browser, what happens when you resize the browser window?

  • hey there ,
    hmm well from what i understand they are using a flash page .
    but how can i be using the area tag incorrectly, restricting the viewer area from my XML??
    and is that is the case how can i fix it ??

    thanks alot for your help!

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