read/update attributes plugin AS3

  • Hi,

    I'm currently modifying the interface example "flashcs3exampleplugin11",
    and i don't know where to place my register/update Event and their functions,
    syntax seems differents in actual documentation... *confused*

    where should i put :

    krpano.addPluginEventListener(this, krpano_as3_interface.PLUGINEVENT_REGISTER, registerEvent);
    krpano.addPluginEventListener(this, krpano_as3_interface.PLUGINEVENT_RESIZE,   resizeEvent);
    krpano.addPluginEventListener(this, krpano_as3_interface.PLUGINEVENT_UPDATE,   updateEvent);

    because Flash throw me errors

    first i had this :

    this works fine with no errors,but no attributes reading here....

    then after i modify to this :

    and this time Flash throw me Error #1009 : impossible to access nul object...

    what's wrong ??

    what is the fix to be able to read/assign/update plugin xml attributes

    Thanks *smile*

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  • I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to accomplish with your code examples, but you can read/write plugin attributes just fine using the standard interface.

    If you look at:

    You'll see a standard method to get a reference to the plugin's instance.

  • hi,

    when i add

    // Register plugin listener
    krpano.addPluginEventListener(this, krpano_as3_interface.PLUGINEVENT_REGISTER, registerEvent);

    somewhere outside a function,
    i got a flash error:
    TypeError: Error #1006: value is not a function...

    and when i put on startup_plugin function, i got Error #1009 : impossible to access nul object...

    then i wonder where should i put the code ???

    Klaus ?? *confused* (if you got 1 mn in your busy agenda..)



  • This is the basic template I use and holds all the required event bindings and such:

    - registerEvent() is the one that's called when your plugin is registered and ready for use in the Krpano viewer. From this point on the global variable 'p' holds a reference to the plugin instance. Through this you can read or write its data.

    - updateEvent() called whenever the data changes (either through your own Flash plugin or through an action in the XML)

    - resizeEvent() called when the size changes

  • Thanks for replying,

    i'm pretty sure your example works fine,
    but it wasn't helpful for my case (again some flash errors..aarrrrrrgh *angry* ),

    and because i'm not a black belt in action scripting,
    i'll be more cumfortable with the .fla source "flashcs3exampleplugin11" modified with the register/resize/update event included,
    then i can track down where and why theses errors show up....

    again thanks for your patience


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