KRPano/IE6,7,8/Google Chrome/FF Blues

  • Hello Everyone,

    I will describe my issues first and in the morning will upload a sample of the problems. Actually the problems seem to be limited to that oh so great platform called Windows. Now I don't have these problems showing up on my mac and if the world was perfect no one would be using windows.

    Anyway here are the issues that I am having.

    1. Textfield with image only inside doesn't appear (IE6)
    2. Textfield with image only appears but box is larger vertically (IE 7, 8, Google Chrome, FF)
    3. Each textfield box has child (X) at top right corner to use as close button but it appears at right center (IE 6,7,8, Google, FF)
    4. When using &nbsp to create a space after period in IE 6,7,8, Google Chrome and FF a small box appears to the left of the beginning text.

    I've looked through the forum and couldn't find anything relating to this. What's odd is that i have a floorplan and googlemaps and the close button stays in the set place. *confused*

    So very frustrated.

    Thanks in advance for your help. will post some code and link to test page.


  • Ok, Figured out most of the problems. Only thing I cannot find a solution for is using &nbsp for a space after a period or comma. Any suggestions on an alternative? Would I have to add something to the css and remove the  ??? Looking online but cannot find anything.



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